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A shopping trolley on wheels is your best aid when shopping. Why carry the food home in heavy bags when you can pull it easily and smoothly in a stylish drama? Shopping trolleys on wheels make it easier for you in everyday life and are an ergonomic alternative compared to straining your arms, back and shoulders when carrying heavy groceries home. You can also use your shopping trolley for purposes other than large shopping, for example to take to the park for a picnic with friends, for the family with children to take on an excursion or for the festival visitor who wants to conveniently transport packing and other accessories. A practical and spacious drama trolley allows you to easily pack everything you need in one and the same bag. Choose between larger or smaller bags in the range and between trolleys with two, four or six wheels. Our trendy strollers suit people of all ages. We offer high-quality shopping trolleys in various colors and designs from well-known brands such as Rolser, Epic and Pucchini.

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Are you looking for a bag that makes it easier when you're grocery shopping or just out shopping? If so, a shopping cart, also called a "Dramaten" (meaning "food hauler" in Swedish), is something for you. A shopping cart is suitable for everyone, especially those who live in the city and don't bring a car when it's time for a shopping trip. At, we have several different models from Rolser in different price ranges. We have shopping carts with 2 wheels, 4 wheels, and even variants with 6 wheels.

Common to all shopping carts is that they have several practical functions that facilitate the carrying of goods. You can avoid loading your arms and back and easily roll your goods with you, whether it's a shorter or longer walk.

Shopping carts have become increasingly popular among the younger target group who value sustainability highly. Many leave their car behind and instead load their goods into the shopping cart. Shopping carts from Rolser are all made of durable material and last a long time. So expect the cart to follow you for many years through life.

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