Tips on how to pack your suitcase

It may seem simple to pack your suitcase, but often you may need to think a little extra about how to utilize the space in your suitcase to fit everything and create a good overview.
Packing is the least glamorous part of the holiday trip, but organization makes the difference between relaxation and stress. A key to a good trip is a well-packed suitcase.
Many of the suitcases in our range have smart packing systems that help you with this, and you also save time by not having to iron your clothes when you arrive.
So, how do you pack a suitcase without having to stress? Packing a suitcase optimally is an art."

"It's a technique that is rarely explained to you.
Here we gather some of our best advice in an attempt to help you fit more in your suitcase and maximize space.
The points we go through result in a more well-organized and lighter suitcase that is ready whether it's a business trip or a charter trip with the family.
What not to do: You may think you're saving time by just throwing your clothes into the suitcase, but you'll often pay for it later during the trip.
Most shortcuts often end up being detours - and that's the last thing you want on vacation. We believe that with the right mindset and some tough choices, the process can be easier than ever before."


Our first packing tip doesn't actually involve how to pack your suitcase. Start by making a list of the basic items you need before you start packing. Then tick them off the list as you pack. Randomly throwing things in your suitcase won't be very effective and will make you forget important things. The majority of travelers overestimate what they need to bring on their trip and underestimate the weight of their luggage. Many airlines (especially low-cost airlines) make a lot of money from travelers' overweight luggage.

By halving the number of items and aiming for "basic needs," you will reduce the risk of both headaches and unnecessary extra costs. This includes both clothes and cosmetics. Once you've made your list, you can lay out everything you need on your bed or on the floor. This gives you a good overview and makes it easier to eliminate things you don't need.


Once you have a more manageable set of clothes and items to pack in your suitcase, you can start exploring more creative ways to reduce unnecessary space. A favorite among travelers in recent years is vacuum-sealed bags, which are a fantastic tool for reducing the amount of space clothes take up. This is especially useful for larger jackets and sweaters that are difficult to fit due to their bulk.

Vacuum bags are an easy way to preserve and protect your clothes from dirt, moisture, and insects. But most importantly, they are phenomenal at creating a lot of space both in your suitcase and in your closets. Perfect for, for example, blankets and pillows for the sofa bed, or why not for all the textiles that belong to the summer cottage? The stale smell that usually arises in textiles when you arrive at your destination is something that most people recognize.


Separate electrical items, toiletries, and travel accessories into small bags and then place them in your luggage away from your main clothes. This is especially helpful if you have a habit of forgetting things you want to bring with you. If you want to add additional small items without having to repack your entire suitcase, it's easy to do so in small resealable bags.

The same technique can be applied when packing your carry-on luggage.


Every inch of the suitcase should be used, even inside the shoes. You can fit up to four pairs of socks per shoe.

You can also roll your clothes in the suitcase instead of folding them. It may sound silly, but by rolling your clothes, you can save a lot of space. It also provides better protection for fragile items.


If you want to optimize weight even further, we have a wide range of extremely lightweight suitcases. Not too many years ago, most larger hard suitcases weighed over six kilos.

Today, there are several suitcases that weigh less than half that amount and can withstand the tough handling just as well. See our selection of lightweight suitcases here!

Another tip is to wear the clothes that tend to take up a lot of space when traveling. A perfect travel outfit would be: a pair of jeans, sneakers, a sweater, and some type of jacket. These items are all easy to combine and don't take up any space because you're already wearing them.



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